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Frequently Asked Questions

I don't think I did the exercises correctly, should I still book the session?

This session is to help you review what you have created thus far. If you are confused or feel like something is off after completing the training you have one of two choices, you can retake the course and see if something clicks the second time around and/or you can book your session and I can help address the area(s) where you may be stuck. This session is your time, so if you need it to be more of a clarity session than a review session that is fine. You can always book a separate 15-minute session to conduct a review later.

How do I schedule my session?

Complete the form above and you will be taken to your session portal. Once there, you will need to submit the requested documents and then you will be directed to book your session.

Can I purchase additional coaching sessions?

You most certainly can! If you have the need for additional coaching on the same or a different topic, you can purchase 1:1 coaching or you can join Organized Academy to gain access to my on-demand coaching vault of topics.